Tara's Birthday

I was so happy to spend Monday  in London with Tara on her birthday.She's my eldest daughter and she took me to have dinner at a fabulous place in the city called "The Ned." Wow what a place!.It confirms London as the place to be.It's situated in an old bank, has a central bandstand where artists perform "live" and has many defined areas where you have a choice of menus and themes.Cocktails ahoy!

The Book

Oh my ,the infamous book! Well as you know I've been writing my autobiography for over three years and it has been driving me crazy for all different reasons! I sent it off to Faber and Faber and never heard another thing which is kind of weird.So I thought, hmmmn either it's too boring ,too racy or too slanderous! So,I am going back to the drawing board on that.Suffice to say it's not going to be this side of Christmas so you can relax and buy The diary of two nobodies..."you will discover first hand what occurs when a man who sees himself as a cross between Basil Fawlty and Mr. Bean ,shares his life with a woman who identifies closely with the Queen" or failing that, the biography of Leonardo Davinci.


Something lovely has just happened! Fragile have been invited to perform at a concert to mark 50 years in Music by YES.
Word on the street is that it will be a huge reunion of the band members.I would certainly love to be there for that as I used to know all the original members back in the 70's.
Yes's drummer, my dear friend Alan White ,was one of the people who first discovered me all those years ago in the North.I performed in Japan with Rick but I haven't seen Jon for many years so that would be an amazing evening.

There's a small Hotel

I have recently started a new thing of singing in hotels in Eastbourne.It's a way of earning some money and" keeping my chops up". Most of the guests want to hear songs they remember so I'll be mainly singing Dusty Springfield classics but I love those songs too, so it's no hardship!
I'll slip a few Claire Hamill tracks in there too from time to time but the strange thing is, I have to sing to a backing track! It's so weird! 
Some of them start very quietly and some come blasting out with all guns blazing and make everyone cough their beer up!
     I have been a bit unavailable for people in the last couple of years so this will counteract that. Dear Dusty, by the way ,it lasted. We still love you......
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