Christmas was wonderful this year.
The whole tribe were gathered together at My ex-husbands house know as"The Shed".Twelve of us and a new baby that everyone coo-ed over, even my partner Andrew was there this year. We all chipped in with various foodstuffs and treats.I made the Christmas pudding,Andrew brought the port.
We played the game we play every year where you have to guess who you are.Andrew was the winner and found out he was Kim Kardashian by asking if he had big boobies! Now there's a tip for you all....or two! Hahaha! It took me ages to guess I was Robert Mugabe though!
We ended the evening by having a family sing-song and it took me back through time to my family parties where i would listen to my mum and my aunties all harmonising with my Grandma.Listening to my daughters sing together now, is my greatest pleasure.We don't need much in life do we?

Stapleton House 

 On November 18th 2017, The Northern Boys accompanied me at my gig  at Stapleton House. It was my first "House gig" and it was a great success.The owner ,Mike, hosts gigs to raise money for Save the Children.They have their own Facebook page where you can see a video of our performance,, plus keep up to date with their upcoming events.
They also host B&B  and you can see the standard of accommodation, here's my room on the right.On the left are Al and Gav.I think Ottie had sped off into the night by this time.

The Poppies of Great Fencote

On my way home the following morning, as I was driving out of Kirby Fleetham towards the A1, I passed through the neighbouring village of Great Fencote. Firstly passing  the church, of St. Andrews and then along the lane leading up to it's door, when I noticed that pinned to the trees which bordered the road, were huge poppies.It was such a sweet and poignant sight and such a bright morning that I stopped the car to take this picture.We will never forget your sacrifice boys.......

Rory's visit on October 31st

One of my dearest friends,Rory Flynn, came to visit me for a few days on her way to Prague.I took her to see the wonderful Red Lion pub in Snargate and while we were there and chatting to a couple of customers, we found out about Johnson's Corner,.just a few miles up the road so we decided to visit.

Lieutenant Johnson

I've driven by that corner many times on my way to Lyminge to visit my friends Steve and Christine Thomas.Tucked away out of sight is a memorial to Lt. William Johnson  and they always keep the stars and stripes flying there to commemorate him.
Flying back from a bombing mission during the second world war, his plane was shot over France.He told his crew to bale out ,intending  to crash land when he got back  to the English coast.Unfortunately he realised that meant he would crash into the Village of Hamstreet, so in order to save lives he turned the nose of his plane down in.What a hero.

We finished off the afternoon with a visit to Appledore.What a pretty village! We dropped into Miss Mollet's tea shop for a cream tea.  Looks like we caused a stir! I love it that they put "high class" in their funny!

The Wreck of the Amsterdam

I may have mentioned that during my first song-writing class we wrote a song called "The wreck of the Amsterdam.We have been in the studio with Andy Warren to record it and it's nearly finished.Most of my choir, " Sage Maverick," are singing on the track and we're hoping to make a video about it soon.

You Tube

I do have a you tube channel but I never upload anything to it.Everything I do seems to take me so long! Do you find that too? Why is life so busy? Why do I get distracted so easily? I think coping with all the extra technology is very time consuming but performers have to do it, so I might just as well get on with it and stop moaning!  All I wanted to say is, I do have plans for a  new You Tube Channel...all in good time

In the meantime here is a  film of me singing  "Love and affection"In Saltburn in 2008...gosh, how time flies

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