Performing at the Kino St Leonards July 21st Tickets £10
Performing at the Kino St Leonards July 21st Tickets £10
CLAIRE HAMILL at the Kino- Teatr ,July 21st ,Tickets £10
 CLAIRE HAMILL at the Kino- Teatr ,July 21st ,Tickets £10

My musical style...

My musical style is varied.I'm an adventuress, at least I used to be, these days I'm more at home with my acoustic guitar.


Eva Cassidy  refused to be pigeonholed as a  Jazz or Folk singer and I know how she feels.I've felt my way organically through many different genres but  I have come back to Jazz and Folk as the basis for my expression as an artist and maybe Folk-Rock  too, as Rock has been a huge influence on me as a writer and performer.



I love Bossa Nova music, Gregorian chants,  Cuban, African , Celtic and Classical too.They all have a place in my collection.It's my ambition to one day sit back and listen to the world's most beautiful music after a good lunch and a glass of wine.What could be nicer?...


I love Ella Fitzgerald, Bjork, Eva Cassidy, Elizabeth Fraser, Adele , Susannah Austin and Dusty Springfield...oh and there's  Liane Carrrol and........



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01424 423636

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12 albums and counting....

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