Performing at the Kino St Leonards July 21st Tickets £10
Performing at the Kino St Leonards July 21st Tickets £10
CLAIRE HAMILL at the Kino- Teatr ,July 21st ,Tickets £10
 CLAIRE HAMILL at the Kino- Teatr ,July 21st ,Tickets £10

Everything in the garden is lovely!

My Brother Damian and his partner Ying both came over from Thailand to go to my daughter Susannah's wedding in June.While they were staying Ying did all the cooking(I'm no fool!) She's a wonderful cook.She was watching my lilies develop and wondered if they'd bloom before she left, sadly no.

She asked me what colour they were and I said"White" I was wrong, they are a beautiful yellow!

TonightI'm off to rehearsal again with the boys. Our gig is getting closer!


 Here's a pic of me getting ready. My accommodation was lovely but I had a surprise when I got up in the night! I forgot there were two steps into the bathroom and went flying...owwww!  Now I'm home again and busily  collating all my products for my new shop...I'm very excited...speak soon xxxx

the John Martyn Summer Gathering

Th John Martyn Summer gathering

Jun 26, 2017
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