Performing at the Kino St Leonards July 21st Tickets £10
Performing at the Kino St Leonards July 21st Tickets £10
CLAIRE HAMILL at the Kino- Teatr ,July 21st ,Tickets £10
 CLAIRE HAMILL at the Kino- Teatr ,July 21st ,Tickets £10

Welcome to my new website


I do hope you'll take the time to look around


Problem with my SHOP!!!

Sorry folks my shop isn't working properly.I'll be trying to fix the problem this coming week.In the meantime, the book I've been writing about my life is finished.It's not the whole story but concentrates on the years when I was recording and gigging in the 70's and 80's.Of course ,as you can see, I'm still going  but at a somewhat slower pace,it has to be said. I'm waiting to see wht the publisher says





 I'm performing with my band at  The KINO TEATR St Leonards on July 21st .Doors open 7.30pm

Tickets £10




 I'm busy rehearsing for my kino gig at the moment.It's wonderful to hear my songs being performed as they were on the albums.It may seem trite to say it,but music never fails to inspire me and it's a delight to work with musicians who bring my songs to life.

Latest Album "When Daylight Arrives" available now

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