When Daylight Arrives

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Hold on to tomorrow
When daylight arrives
Don’t drown in the sorrow
You see in his eyes
He’s made of confusion
Remember the lies he told you
You ,you ,you you

Go find some salvation
Get just what you need
Practice meditation
Sow a new seed
Leave him to his heartbreak
It’s all you can do
Think of you ,you,you ,you you

He’ll come round for pleasure
Make sure he don’t bring pain
If you want,you can take him
No need to explain
You tried that remember?
And he turned away
He turned away from you

Get out now
Leave quickly
While you still have a chance
He’ll weave his seduction
Play his tune and you’ll dance
Use your wiles, use your wisdom
Your senses,your stealth
But the lies you believed in aren’t half as bad
As the lie you told yourself