Track 6


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She was lighter than snowflakes
Gold hair tumbling down
No roots,no-one to care for
Looking for,searching for
Higher ground

He was strong for the seasons
Soft eyes but nobody’s fool
Found her alone in a cafe
He took her down, took her round

All the creatures in the heavens had heard them
And they wove a magic to protect their hearts
Bathed them in silver and jewels
Going down,going round

Her heart frozen from falling
His hands gentle and cool
Slowly unwrapping the tender
Going down ,going round

Is she dancing in doorways?
Is she finding a fire to protect her heart?
Life smiles and destiny moves
Going down,going round

She was lighter than snowflakes
He was darker than clay
She made a “King for the Seasons”
And he made a “ Queen of the Day”