Track 5

Cold Grave

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I have loved you well my love these seven years and more
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do for one I so adore
Love should bring you happiness
But I can only grieve
For you have found another love that you will never leave

Now there’s a good and gentle man has asked me for my hand
And I’ll accept his offer,I’ll wear his wedding band
And I’ll go with all my maids and flowers and softly breathe “I do”
And I will turn and kiss him
And my heart will break in two

And I will make my bosom a pillow for his head
And I will fetch his supper and I will warm his bed
And I will bear his bonny bairns and dance them on my knee
But I will love you ‘till the Cold Grave closes over me

And I will turn my back upon all that I desire
And I will tame my restless heart and I will quench the fire
And I will never speak your name to save my sanity
But I will love you
‘Till the Cold Grave
Closes over me….