As Autumn spreads her loveliness

The nights are drawing in now. It has been a good summer.I got back to my autobiography and made a concerted effort to finish it.I wasn’t looking forward to  writing about the difficult times and the things I was ashamed of,to be honest,I’ve left a few of those out! But I had to get on […]

Tapinfluence has influenced me!

Tapinfluence is a company which searches for bloggers/people/artists/writers in order to link them to advertising companies.The idea is that bloggers have influence over other people and that influence can be exploited but not if you don’t try to influence others in the first place. So I have to influence you, they influence me to influence […]

New Album Out Now

Yes, my new album,”When daylight Arrives” is out now and available on Itunes, Spotify and from me personally, through my shop. You can listen first if you like! I have no reviews to post yet as I’m keeping the whole thing secret! Yes,only you and me know about!

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