Wild Swimming

Wild swimming
Like a seal coming up
Silver, silky, making ripples

But when it’s cold it freezes
You can hear it cracking
Then the shards and the splinters
Melt in the sun

Let’s go let’s feel it
Like ice,only colder
Crash like a boulder
Or slip in so silent

High on a hill the sun’s coming up
Smell the season
Is it autumn?
Or golden buttercups …..

On the day the rains came it was a great relief
I remember opening my mouth to speak
But then the wind came and blew my words away
The raindrops tasted soft and sweet
It was a great relief on the day that the rains came

Wild swimming
Life, giving it’s frosty execution
To make you feel alive
You are alive so show it!
Forget the world and it’s disasters
Have your own happy-ever-after
Jump in Jump in Jump in