Irish Blanket

Come under my Irish Blanket kick your boots off rest your bones
I have made a loaf for breakfast you can make yourself at home
Come under my Irish Blanket, have whisky I have wine
But by far the greatest pleasure is the treasure in my mind

Underneath my Irish Blanket you will find your history
Everything you need to know is in the cleft behind my knee
Underneath my Irish Blanket battles were fought wars were won
Essays written schoolboys smitten
People died and people born

Kiss my lips kiss my wrist
Kiss my ankle so that I know I’ve been kissed!
Tell a story sing a song
Write a letter so that we can better get along

Come under my Irish Blanket, feed your curiosity
You have hands fair fit for working you can let them work on me!
Coem under my Irish Blanket While the moon is rising high
I have seen you stripped and sweaty ,seen you giving me the eye!
Underneath my Irish Blanket I have music of the best
I’ll soon have your feet a tappin, You must dance before you rest
Underneath my Irish Blanket Christopher Columbus came
Took a look and wrote a book and said head soon be back again

Kiss my neck kiss my knee
Kiss the part that in the dark just you can see!
Play your fiddle bang your drum
You can watch me while I dance the devil round the room!

If you won’t come neath my Blanket drink my tea or stoke my fire
Don’t you worry, monday morning
I’ll be courting Mick Maguire!