Claire Hamill red

I will be writing a book about my life to come out sometime in 2013 and I will also write a book about this album containing chords for the songs and a little about the stories behind them.  Please check back with the website soon to see how I am getting on with that.
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Every album is a joy, an adventure, a scary thing. Will anyone like it? How will it sound? Will it be what I envisioned? This one has been a joy and an adventure and yes, what I envisioned.
That’s all thanks to the wonderful people who took part and made the process so truly enjoyable for me. Thank you so much to Roland my production partner. His advice and judgement has been spot on, you made it so easy Roland. Thank you to Russell who helped start the whole process off for me and continues to offer support. Thank you to Phil who never ceases to amaze and delight. Thank you to my dear northern boys Al, Gav and John, to Liane, Nana and James I’m so grateful for your help and your lovely music. Thank you to Duncan to Gary and Jem for the inspired touches and thank you to Maria for stepping in with her strings. Thank you to my lovely singers, Sage Maverick. You have all added something special to my cd and I’m grateful to all of you. Thank you to Gav and Jill for help with the cover and to John Taylor for help with early recordings. Thank you to my friends for the wonderful support. God bless us one and all. I dedicate this album to my wonderful family.